Sun Life Water Sports - Jet Ski Rentals Parasailing Fort Lauderdale

No Deposits

Fast New Jet Skis

6 Mile Riding Zone

FREE use of our Resort, Pool, Lounge Chairs 

Watch the Yachts Go by at our Restaurant and Tiki-Bar

Free Self Parking


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 Jet Ski

Cruise through the crystal clear waters with the fastest, newest Waverunner / Jet Skis for the best price in South Florida.


Enjoy the beautiful views from a Parasailing above the amazing waters of South Florida. Fly one, two or three at a time, side by side up to 1000 feet. Enjoy Ft. Lauderdale at its best, high above it all.


Explore the azure clear blue waters of Florida’s finest coral reefs face to face. Look for exotic colorful fish, sea turtles and marine life. Come Snorkeling in amazing Ft. Lauderdale.